Responsive Websites

Thinking Mind Pro offers creative and responsive website  design solutions which are based  on brand, design, visibility, content clarity and authenticity. We make sure that  websites we design are as per the use with every equipment. Here we bear an optimized  website experience irrespective of the gadget you choose and focused on delivering the  best, rapid and most effective web design solution which supports high functional  browsing practice which meets your business needs.

Thinking Mind Pro is one of the best Top 10 website design company in India and our services go apart from website designing. Our creative website designers and web developers are experienced to understand your business requirement and to use the latest technologies to develop your website.Few features of best responsive web design are mentioned below.

Few features of best responsive web design are mentioned below.

based on the browser width, the navigation is at different locations.
prominent display of call-to-action is an important feature of successful responsive site design.
responsive sites scale ads, headlines, images, and text in right proportions. It also maintains design integrity upon browser resizing and initial presentation to users
when building for mobile versions the design is for 3-4 standard widths. It reflects brand in all sizes.
  • You can provide your users with an unprecedentedly brilliant experience of navigation and functionality on any device of their choice
  • Responsive websites do better in SEO or search engine optimization which helps boost the visibility of your website and increase sales eventually.
  • You don’t have to maintain a separate version of the website for mobile on the mobile domain
  • It saves time within reason: With the right planning, RWD can allow for some efficiency because you will not have to create all new content for every channel you want to reach.
  • It helps your SEO efforts: With a consistent URL for desktop and mobile users and desktop and mobile search bots, any site you design has uniformity.
  • It lets your website perform better: Planning ahead for RWD, especially using the mobile­first-approach, can lead to cleaner and, therefore, faster performing code on mobile and desktop size devices.

Thinking Mind Pro plan, develop, and design innovative and Responsive websites. We offer high traffic and significant conversion rates. The adaptation of the site layout is in keeping with the viewing environment. Dynamic resizing of both imagery and content optimizes viewing experiences. You retain complete control of screen display on mobile devices.