IoT ( Internet Of Things ) Solutions

Thinking Mind Pro is a leading IoT (Internet Of Things) innovator & enterprise focused on developing end-to-end connected solutions for modern consumers, SMEs & large enterprises.Inspired by digital lifestyle, we provide IoT solutions by reinventing the hardware & software platforms by leveraging native patented technologies & breakthrough open-source technologies.

Internet of things is a boon in the field of healthcare and home automation.IOT makes life easy in the busy schedule.It assure that they dont have to worry about anything just set them  once and they will adjust temperature for them, water their plants, make their coffee, remind them when their milk is finished remind them their medicines, tell them when the pressure in the car tyre is low.

key characteristics of IOT are as follows:

Ambient intelligence in IoT enhances its capabilities which facilitate the things to respond in an intelligent way to a particular situation and supports them in carrying out specific tasks.
Connectivity empowers Internet of Things by bringing together everyday objects. Connectivity of these objects is pivotal because simple object level interactions contribute towards collective intelligence in IoT network.
The primary activity of Internet of Things is to collect data from its environment, this is achieved with the dynamic changes that take place around the devices. The state of these devices change dynamically, example sleeping and waking up, connected and/or disconnected as well as the context of devices including temperature, location and speed.
IoT wouldn’t be possible without sensors which will detect or measure any changes in the environment to generate data that can report on their status or even interact with the environment. Sensing technologies provide the means to create capabilities that reflect a true awareness of the physical world and the people in it
  • IoT network benefits not one but all i.e. individuals, society, stake holders of businesses etc. due to the fact that IoT network saves time and money. IoT systems delivers faster and accurately with minimum utilization of energy. This improves quality of life.
  • It is used for patient monitoring i.e. various types of wireless sensors are installed on the patient body which communicate with the IoT network and provides all the required information of the patient under treatment.
  • IoT concept is used in home security devices which are monitored and controlled either locally or remotely using easy to use applications available on mobile phones or smartphones. Typical IoT devices are security alarm, Camera, sensors, door lock etc. are used in home automation environment.
  • IoT is used in asset and individual tracking, inventory control, energy conservation, shipping etc.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the third dimension of the technology that has filled the space between the physical and online world. The transformation of the world has a great reason for the development of Internet of Things (IoT).