PHONEGAP & CORDOVA – Built Mobile Apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
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Learn how to make web and mobile apps using modern javascript frameworks with Samaresh B.
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PHONEGAP & CORDOVA – Built Mobile Apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Learn how to build beautiful apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript


Introduction to Mobile App development

  • Introduction to app development

PhoneGap / Cordova Environment Setup for Windows and Mac

  • Learn How to configure PhoneGap for Windows Platform

Environment Setup for Mac

  • Learn how to setup for Mac

Create Your First Project & Folder Structure 

  • Learn How to create your first project & Folder structure

Accessing Device Features using Cordova

Cordova Dialogs and Vibration plugin

  • Learn how to display dialogs like alerts, confirm, prompt and play beep sound & vibrating your device

Cordova Plugin Contacts (Accessing Device Contacts)

  • Create new contacts, retrieve contacts by access device contacts database

Cordova Camera Plugin

  • Learn how to get picture using camera and gallery
  • Cordova Plugin InAppBrowser

Session Storage, Local Storage

  • Learn how to work with the session and local storage

Native Storage

  • learn how to store your data using Native Storage

Sharing content on Social Apps

  • Learn how to share your data using a social widget

Cordova Push Notification (Phonegap plugin push)

  • Send and Receive push notification using GCM and APNS

Working with Barcode Scanner

Display Ads

  • Learn how to display ads using Admob Plugin

PayPal Integration

  • Learn how to integrate PayPal

Introduction to Backend

Introduction to backend

Parse JSON using Cordova (PhoneGap)

Firebase Introduction

  • Introduction to Firebase

Upload Images using File Transfer Plugin

  • Work with Firebase

Learn how to work with firebase


Cordova Plugin Facebook

  • Learn how to enable Facebook login for your application

Cordova Plugin Google+

  • Learn how to enable Google+ Authentication

PhoneGap Login with PHP & MySQL

  • PhoneGap authentication using PHP & MySQL

Publish & Monetization

Setup Icon & Splash Screen for PhoneGap or Cordova based Apps

  • Learn how to setup icon & splash screen for cordova based apps

Publishing cordova App in Android PlayStore (PhoneGap)

  • Preparation Publishing, App Icons, Screenshots

Updating App with Google PlayStore

  • learn how to update your app

Publishing cordova App in Apple App Store (PhoneGap)

  • Preparation Publishing, App Icons, Screenshots

Updating App with Apple App Store

  • learn how to update your app

Course Duration –  1 MONTH

COURSE FEE – Rs.35,000/-

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