About Thinking Mind PRO.

Thinking Mind Pro. is among one of the Top IoT Developers ( Internet Of Things )  and IoT Solution Providing Agencies in India, helping businesses and organisations to Design and Develop their own IoT Solutions for their Businesses .

 Our IoT Solutions and PRODUCTS can help you to MONITOR , ANALYSE , CONTROL and TRACK your DEVISES and your Business Activities .

IoT ( Internet Of Things ) can be defined as NETWORKING of PHYSICAL OBJECTS.

  • Not just All PHYSICAL OBJECTS.
  • These OBJECTS have a pathway to CONNECT with the INTERNET and EXCHANGE their DATA for VALUE.
  • And the IMPACT of this VALUE makes INTERNET of THINGS to GO AFTER.
IoT App Development Services

What We DO

We are into IoT ( Internet of Things ) Apps Development that gives you four capabilities  frame work


We DEVELOP ERP Solutions for Businesses for Integrating all their BUSINESS ACTIVITIES into ONE , which in turn develops a BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE ENVIRONMENT that can GENERATE Useful BUSINESS DATA .

We are also into WEBSITE and MOBILE APPS Designing and Development . Starting from Corporate Websites to Ecommerce Website and Mobile Apps , we develop Web and Mobile Solutions as per clients requirements.

Helped Clients


Stu Laureano California Image Maker, Inc
Sam is expert in field of website development. He has the skill, talent and flexibility to thrive in all environments. What I find most refreshing is his purpose driven approach and the integrity with which he executes a strategic plan. It is a rare combination in business results, value and integrity. I count on Sam as a valuable partner.
Stu Laureano
CEO & Founder , California Image Maker, Inc
Joanne Kuipers - Toronto Canada
I have worked with Samaresh over the past year. I first hired him to build a website for my affliate marketing business. He is very knowledgeable in the field of website designing and search engine optimization. He has always delivered what he promises and then goes above and beyond. He is very passionate about his work and it shows through his work ethic, and the results that I am able to achieve on my website. I would not hesitate to hire Samaresh for my next project.
Joanne Kuipers
Project Manager at My 2nd Suite, Toronto Canada
Krishna Prasad Mohanty - Human Resource IT
I have interacted with samresh over numerous areas for work, pertaining to website design and software development. This is a guy who would never let you down in case of performance and work. Definitely a great match and fit to what you are searching for. His thorough knowledge and expertise in his specialized areas makes him stand ahead of the many that are into the same stream. He constantly looks for excellence and perfection in the work he has taken up.  
Krishna Prasad Mohanty
Human Resource IT , Debikamal Technologies, India
Stu Laureano California Image Maker, Inc
Joanne Kuipers - Toronto Canada
Krishna Prasad Mohanty - Human Resource IT